Marderc Pty Ltd is an Australian technology company that was initially established to provide an innovative strategy called “DriveOffSentinel™", a solution for the fuel retailers in combating their problem with Fuel Drive Offs.  Since then, we have been developing new ANPR technology solutions for a variety of Businesses and Government.

Who is Marderc?

Our Objective is to:

Why Marderc?

Marderc was initially established to fulfil a need identified in the market to provide greater security and intelligence for the retail fuel industry.


We are an Australian Company providing technology solutions initially established to minimize the impacts from the financial problem associated with "Drive Offs" that our clients have been experiencing.  We provide technical solutions for our clients to "fight back" and gain a solid means to retrieve solid intelligence on these offenders.


Since then Marderc has grown and now produces multiple technology solutions for a variety of industries; retail, services, security, policing and trades businesses.  With an expanding product range.


  • DriveOffSentinel for the retail fuel industry, prevention of fuel drive offs
  • mANPR, Marderc's ANPR solution for number plate recognition requirements
  • mVEM, Marderc's vehicle entry monitoring solution
  • mSMS, SMS alerts from mVEM
  • mAlerts, on-screen alerts from mVEM
  • mICA, a mobile in-car ANPR solution
  • IP Cameras (suitable for ANPR and security solutions), a variety of camera solutions available


To support businesses in minimising operational costs through the use of technology based solutions.

We offer a high quality competency-based service.  With practical "hands on" experience in both technology and the client industries we provide services for.

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