Marderc provide an innovative strategy called “DriveOffSentinel™”, a solution for the fuel retailers in combating their problem with Fuel Drive Offs.  Refer to video below for a high level overview on how it works.


Marderc's solution DriveOffSentinel™, helps fuel retailers succeed in reducing the drive off problem for their site.  We have proven results.


DriveOffSentinel™ is an Australian designed and developed software subscription service from Marderc, that uses sophisticated surveillance equipment, ANPR and data analysis of drive off incidents to help reduce the number of fuel thefts at retail fuel outlet sites who are using our solution.


This is achieved through providing console operators with real-time alerts, when repeat offender vehicles arrive onto the forecourt.


Historical incident data is stored on our central database and covers all sites, banners and geographical areas.  The solution uses this data in conjunction with the on-site technology for the process of identification and ANPR to provide validation of number plates of all vehicles coming onto the forecourt.  This is used by the DriveOffSentinel™ solution to provide immediate notification alerts and enables operators to prevent a crime from occurring in the first place, through direct action rather than being reactive after an event.


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