Automatic Number Plate Recognition has a wide range of applications since the license number is the primary,

most widely accepted, human readable, mandatory identifier of motor vehicles.


Marderc's Automatic Number Plate Recognition (mANPR) solution provides automated access of the content of the number plate for computer systems managing databases and processing information of vehicle movements.


• Under optimal conditions delivers 95-100% accuracy


• Is very fast


• Output is simply and easily integrated into any application


• Will operate with a range of cameras



mANPR Uses...




  • Automatic recognition of number plates from vehicles in flowing traffic
  • Straightforward, fast, easy to use and simple to implement
  • Plate recognition for all states and countries



  • Automated recognition of vehicle number plates
  • Saving you time - automated number plate reading
  • High accuracy and recognition rates
  • Increased security and safety for access control areas
  • Ability to read varying plate sizes, and syntaxes from plate images
  • Smooth and easy operation
  • Suitable for any number plate recognition requirement


General Information

Add-On Functions


Automatic recognition of vehicle number plates – a number plate recognition software for various  intelligent traffic systems, security and any access control environments.


Integrates to multiple end purpose solutions.


The Number Plate Recognition Engine possesses all the features that a high quality license plate recognition system may require.


It is highly accurate, fail safe, stable, fast and intelligent.


Add-on Functions:


  • mVEM: Marderc VehicleEntryMonitor, is a separately purchased application that provides logging of vehicles into and out of a site based on output from mANPR processing



 mVEM is also supported by optional modules that can also be purchased with mVEM:

  • mSMS; provides nominated mobiles with SMS alerts as configured within mVEM

  • mAlerts; provides users with on screen alerts as configured within mVEM

  • Approximate Search. When this module is plugged in you can find vehicles by providing an approximate number plate. All vehicles in the log that match the approximate plate will be listed.


  • mICA: The Marderc In-Car Automated Number Plate Recognition (mICA) solution is an in-car mobile Automatic recognition of vehicle number plates – to identify vehicles of interest.



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