Marderc In-Car ANPR (mICA)


The Marderc In-Car Automated Number Plate Recognition (mICA) solution is an in-car mobile automated recognition of vehicle number plates – to identify vehicles of interest.  It is suitable for Law Enforcement, Insurance Companies, and Repossession agencies.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition has a wide range of applications since the license number is the primary,

most widely accepted, human readable, mandatory identifier of motor vehicles.


Marderc's In Car Automatic Number Plate Recognition (mICA) mobile solution provides operators with a means to perform number plate checks against a vehicle of interest database and providing the operator with an alert when a vehicle has been identified.




• Under proper conditions delivers 95-100% accuracy


• Is a mobile in car ANPR solution


• Is fast


• Will operate with a range of cameras


mICA has additional plug-in modules available:


  • to provide SMS alerts to nominated mobile phone(s) when a vehicle of interest has been identified
  • approximate search; to search vehicle of interest database for an approximate plate



mICA process flow animation:

Key Features

Main Benefits

Integration and Process Flow

  • Straightforward, fast, easy to use and simple to implement
  • Enquiry facility to “lookup” specified vehicles based on search parameters
  • Vehicle of interest Alerts
  • SMS Alerts;  Plug in available as an optional extra for SMS Alerts (mSMS)
  • To be used in conjunction with mANPR solution
  • Provides access to National Repo database for vehicles of interest
  • Database linkage to PPSR's and repossession instructions
  • Automatic recognition of vehicle number plates
  • Saving time - automated number plate reading
  • High accuracy and recognition rates
  • Increased security and safety of access control areas
  • Ability to read varying plate sizes, syntaxes and distorted plate images
  • Smooth and problem-free operation
  • Suitable for any number plate recognition requirement
  • Integrates seamlessly with mANPR
  • Integrates seamlessly with mANPR


Add-on Modules:

  • mSMS; provides nominated mobiles with SMS alerts as configured within mICA



Approximate Search


When this module is plugged in you can search for vehicles by providing an approximate number plate. All vehicles in the log that match the approximate plate will be listed.


For example, you may enter plate details such as…


  • …BC  Lists all plates ending with “BC”
  • BC…  Lists all plates beginning with “BC”
  • …BC…  Lists all plates containing “BC”
  • AA…12  Lists all plates starting with “AA” and ending with “12”

SMS Alerts

This plug-in will provide for an SMS message to be sent to nominated mobile phone(s) whenever an alert is raised.


For example: As the vehicle with mICA installed drives along in a car park, mICA reads and processes the number plates from parked cars.  When a vehicle of interest is found, an alert is displayed on the mICA screen and at the same time an SMS alert is sent to the nominated mobile phone number(s) that were configured within the mICA system.

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